Football set to hand referees a BLUE CARD – the first new colour of card to be widely used in 50 years – as part of revolutionary new rules

A blue card is set to be introduced in professional football as part of sin-bin trials, marking the first new colour of card widely used in 50 years. 

According to The Telegraph, the revolutionary move will be announced by International Football Association Board on Friday as part of new measures that will see players removed from play for 10 minutes if they commit a cynical foul or show dissent towards a match official.

The protocols will add a new wrinkle to dismissals as players would now be sent off if they receive two blue cards in a game or a combination of a blue and a yellow. 

They report goes on to say that elite trials could begin as soon as the summer, though top-tier competition will be excluded from initial testing. 

As a result, FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup matches may be included in trials, with the FA reportedly considering volunteering next season’s competitions for testing.

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