Geoffrey Munn: I've only ever borrowed to buy a house – and a £500 parrot from Harrods

Antiques Roadshow jewellery expert Geoffrey Munn says he never buys antiques as an investment. 

Instead, he buys objects he loves – and holds on to them – regardless of their value.

To be careful with it. My father was in the Royal Navy for 36 years and my mother was mainly a housewife, though she did teach typing. 

We lived right between two villages in Sussex. Money was tight and my father used to subsidise his income by keeping chickens and selling eggs at the door. Once a local farmer came across a pair of orphaned fox cubs. 

He knew our family loved animals so he said if we wanted them we could keep them. We did and they got into the press and ultimately on to Animal Magic, a very famous BBC children’s TV show.

And so my brother Roger and I were on television for four minutes with our foxes, which was like being a mega-star in those days.

I had always been interested and often scoured the antique shops in Brighton in my youth. 

All my friends were going to university but I wasn’t particularly successful at school and you needed really good grades to study arts subjects in those days. 

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