Greek Ambassador to Cairo: We are proud to teach the Greek language in Egyptian universities

The Greek Ambassador to Cairo, Nicholas Papagiorgio, expressed his pride and pride that the Greek language is taught in Egypt not only in the Greek Cultural Center but also in Egyptian universities such as Al-Azhar and Cairo Universities. He pointed out that the Greek Cultural Center provides training courses to teach the Greek language.


This came in a speech he delivered this evening, Thursday, at the celebration held on the occasion of the International Greek Language Day, thanking the professors who are making a great effort to teach Egyptians the Greek language. Explaining that the Greek language expresses the spirit of Greece.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Giorgos Kotsiras, said in a recorded speech, that “words like dialogue, meaning “dialogue, diplomacy, and democracy” It has entered many European languages ​​and is Greek words with a global meaning that give a content that expresses the pursuit of mutual respect, justice and harmonious coexistence.”

He explained that the Greek language is being renewed, enriched, getting richer, interpreting modern patterns, responding to new needs, and having the ability to work as a compass. It has meanings thanks to its methods.

In turn, the Secretary-General of Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad, Ioannis Chrysoulakis, said in a recorded speech that Greek culture, through its languages, is a bridge for dialogue, communication, interaction and exchange with other cultures, and that the Greek language is taught in The greatest universities are a field of learning and have become the language of science, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, literature and computers.

He explained that the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs support efforts to teach the Greek language and departments of classical and modern Greek studies in universities around the world and establish New departments in addition to Greek language centers, as well as establishing a digital platform for teaching the Greek language… stressing the necessity of preserving the Greek language and teaching it in the correct way.

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