Harmony Montgomery trial resumes after chilling murder details and ‘betrayal letter’ revealed: Live

Adam Montgomery’s estranged wife has taken the stand at his trial over the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony.

Mr Montgomery’s trial is under way in New Hampshire, more than four years after Harmony was last seen alive in late 2019.

Authorities failed to search for the missing child – who was known to protective services – for more than two years after she went missing.

In 2022, Mr Montgomery was charged with second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, falsifying physical evidence, and witness tampering.

Kayla Montgomery told police that her husband struck the little girl several times after she had a bathroom accident.

“She was crying and making a weird noise,” Kayla Montgomery told the court on Friday. “Adam was punching her repeatedly in the head … He said ‘Shut the f*** up, stop crying.”

He then placed Harmony’s body in a cooler which he then snuck into his workplace freezer, before disposing of her remains in March 2020.

Harmony’s remains have never been found.



Defence tries to point out inconsistencies in Kayla Montgomery

Kayla said the babies were not crying in the ca when her husband reportedly hurt Harmony.

“And Adam striking Shamus’ sister didn’t cause him to cry?” Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith also asked Kayla if she remember whether Montgomery paid in cash at the Burguer King they went right after the attack.

Ms Smiths points out that although Kayla does not remember whether Montgomery actually did, she seemed to recall that in last year’s testimony.

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 15:35



Kayla Montogmery describes days leading up to Harmony’s death

Harmony Montgomery had a set of maybe seven or eight underwear, and a few sets of clothes.

The family often stopped at public bathrooms to wash themselves.

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 14:51



Kayla Montgomery back on the stand

Defence attorney Caroline Smith is grilling Ms Montgomery.

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 14:34



Harmony Montgomery’s stepmother breaks down as she reveals chilling plan to use Nutribullet to dispose of body

Kayla Montgomery’s harrowing testimony in court included disturbing descriptions of the plans to dispose of Harmony’s body that Adam Montgomery discussed after the little girl was murdered on 7 December.

Montgomery, 34, is currently standing trial in Manchester, New Hampshire on a second-degree murder charge after conceding on two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information.

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 14:00



Rampant abuse, damning DNA evidence and a ‘betrayal’ prison letter: Harmony Montgomery trial’s key revelations

The first week of Adam Montgomery’s trial over the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony was set off to a harrowing start as the court heard disturbing theories of the things he did to conceal the little girl’s corpse.

Montgomery, 34, is charged with second-degree murder in the December 2019 death of Harmony Montgomery. On Wednesday, he said he intended to plead guilty to two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information.

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 13:00



Harmony Montgomery’s stepmother’s ‘betrayal letter’ revealed

During opening statements, the defence introduced a prison letter allegedly written by Kayla Montgomery after she was arrested on theft charges for collecting welfare benefits for the missing child between December 2019 and June 2021.

In the letter, she allegedly wrote the things she wanted in exchange for “betraying Adam.”

Among the things she reportedly requested were “immunity from everything, all charges she was facing … maybe ankle bracelet, or probation or drug rehab, kids in my life, not lose custody and have kids live with me.”

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 11:00



Kayla Montgomery says her husband killed his 5-year-old and hid her body. His lawyers say she’s lying.

Kayla Montgomery testified that her stepdaughter, Harmony Montgomery, whose body has not been found, died 7 December 2019, in a car the family was living in after getting evicted. It was the third day of Adam Montgomery’s murder trial in Manchester, which he hasn’t been attending.

Kayla Montgomery said Harmony was potty trained, but had begun having frequent accidents. She testified that her husband punched Harmony in the head after two such accidents in the car.

He later covered Harmony with a blanket as the child cried, moaned and eventually went silent, the stepmother said. Their car broke down soon afterward and Adam Montgomery put Harmony’s body in the duffel bag, she said.

“He, like, folded her in half and put her in the duffel bag,” she said.

Adam Montgomery, 34, is charged with second-degree murder, assault and witness tampering. In opening statements Thursday, his lawyers acknowledged he was guilty of two other charges — falsifying evidence and abusing a corpse. But they said he did not kill Harmony and repeatedly suggested Kayla Montgomery was lying to protect herself.

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Adam Montgomery pins blame for Harmony’s murder on ex-wife in dramatic opening statement

On Thursday, Montgomery’s lawyer gave a dramatic preview of the line of defence they will be pursuing during trial. During opening statement, attorney James Brooks claimed that it was Kayla Montgomery, his client’s estranged wife and Harmony’s stepmother, who last saw the little girl alive.

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 07:00



WATCH: Officers saw missing 5-year-old in Sept 2019′: Police chief on Harmony Montgomery case

Officers saw missing 5-year-old in Sept 2019′: Police chief on Harmony Montgomery case

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 05:00



NewsWorldAmericasUS Crime News Harmony Montgomery trial jurors taken on grim tour to pizza place where father hid body

“In a few minutes, we are going to get on a bus to see a couple of locations in Manchester. In some ways, it’ll be the beginning of a journey that you will likely never forget,” prosecutor Ben Agati said on Wednesday.

“It’s also the last journey that Harmony Montgomery took when she was alive and where her body went afterwards. It’s a journey into the actions of the defendant on the days of the attack and after. We’re going to drive by the place where Harmony was first assaulted, or where she was killed, or where she was … crushed.”

Andrea Blanco12 February 2024 03:00


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