Head of the National Movement: The president’s decisions provide safe cover and social protection for citizens

Major General Raouf Al-Sayed Ali, head of the Egyptian National Movement Party, praised the decisions issued by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his directives to the government to implement the largest urgent social package that provides social protection and supports citizens in facing difficult economic challenges, stressing that the package will be implemented as of next month and consists of: Increasing the wages of workers in the state and economic bodies to a minimum ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds per month, depending on job grade, and raising the minimum wage by 50%, to reach 6,000 pounds per month, and approving an exceptional allowance of 300 pounds for state workers to combat high prices.


The head of the Egyptian National Movement Party explained that these presidential directives issued to the government are also a true translation of the efforts being made to provide cover and protection to confront the economic risks caused by regional and international circumstances.


The head of the Egyptian National Movement Party continued that the president’s decisions come at an appropriate and sensitive time, especially before the advent of the blessed month, which confirms his feeling for the suffering of the people, knowing their needs, and working to alleviate the burden of the complex circumstances and challenges that the world is going through.


Major General Raouf Al-Sayyed Ali added that with these decisions and directives, the role of the president is embodied, the person who feels the suffering of the people and spares no effort in order to make appropriate decisions that are in the interest of the people and those with limited income. What confirms that the President of Egypt is not far from his people and is aware of their conditions and problems.

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