Health: 2,913 citizens were medically examined at Vaxera clinics during January

Health: Vaxera Blood Bank It provides about 3,000 bags of blood per month 


The Ministry of Health and Population announced the provision of medical examination services for 2,913 citizens through the clinics of the Holding Company for Biological Preparations and Vaccines “Vaxera” ;, in addition to providing laboratory and diagnostic analysis services to 2,527 citizens, during the month of January of this year.


Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that the holding company’s clinics For biological preparations and vaccines, “Vaxera” provided medical examination services in the specialties of internal medicine, the digestive system, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, bones, and dermatology, in addition to the specializations of diabetes, and medical examination of diseases related to the endocrine glands, which include short stature, thyroid gland, allergies, and immunity. With the dispensing of allergy serums for cases that require it, as well as teeth and genetics, under the supervision of a distinguished elite of doctors, specialists and consultants. Until “Vaxera” clinics Monthly treatment is provided at the state’s expense for 21,683 patients, including RH injections at birth, and BCG injections for patients with bladder tumors, bone and rheumatoid diseases, blood diseases, and eye diseases, stressing the state’s keenness to provide pharmaceutical supplies to citizens who are not subject to any insurance umbrella.


«Abdul Ghaffar» added The holding company for biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, Vaxera, provides diagnostic analysis services for genetic diseases at the chromosomal level, such as Down syndrome, recurrent miscarriage, and delayed pregnancy, as well as virus analysis, tumor markers, and vitamin D, in addition to performing types of RH blood bags and viral testing of blood bags, to detect inflammatory diseases. Hepatitis B and C, AIDS and syphilis, pointing to the use of the latest devices and technologies to extract accurate results for medical tests.


For his part, Dr. Sherif El-Feel, Managing Director of the Holding Company for Biological Preparations and Vaccines, explained Vaxera said that 543 cases of kidney disease and failure were received, as the company includes a dialysis unit with a capacity of 16 machines, confirming that patients will be received by clinical examination, performing the necessary analyzes and x-rays, and developing a treatment plan, in addition to performing monthly and quarterly analyzes and recording them in the patients’ file.


Dr. Sherif El-Feel noted that the Vaxera Blood Bank  It provides all types, with up to 3,000 blood bags per month, where blood components are used from packed blood bags and plasma, confirming that the blood dispensing center operates 24 hours a day, on all days of the week, including holidays and official holidays, for easy availability of safe blood services to the citizen. Adding that the therapeutic unit provides its medical services to serve patients with thalemia, hemophilia, and blood transfusion.


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