Health oversight: 52 health facilities in Greater Cairo succeeded in obtaining accreditation

Today, the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Control announced the most important decisions issued by the Supreme Committee for Accreditation of Health Facilities.



The doctor stated Ahmed Taha, Chairman of the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Control, said that the committee agreed to grant accreditation certificates to Nile Badrawi Hospital and Cairo Specialized Hospital, in Cairo Governorate, in addition to Dr. Sameh Fathi Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology – Prime Scan 2 in Alexandria, Luxor International Family Medicine Units, and Armant Island in Luxor Governorate.

 Taha added that the committee’s decisions also included granting initial accreditation to Loran Hospital in Alexandria, and Dermwas Specialized Hospital in Minya Governorate.   In addition, 3 family medicine centers and units in Aswan obtained initial accreditation, which are:   – Al-Mafalasa Family Medicine Unit – Wadi Abadi Family Medicine Unit 1 – Hajar Al-Balalis Family Medicine Unit 

The committee also decided to grant initial accreditation  For the Al-Hawais Family Medicine and Sadat Family Medicine units in the Suez Governorate

The head of the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Control confirmed that the increasing demand from health facilities in the Greater Cairo governorates to obtain the accreditation certificate issued by GAHAR, which numbered 52 facilities so far, indicates On the positive impact of applying national quality standards and obtaining accreditation, ensuring  Not wasting resources, in addition to providing health and treatment services at international quality levels to a wide range of patients, as well as paving the way for the implementation of the comprehensive insurance system in governorates with high population density.

The head of the Health Accreditation and Control Authority pointed out the important role it plays. Cairo Governorate is supporting the neighboring governorates of the first phase of the comprehensive health insurance system by providing highly specialized health services to beneficiaries in a way that guarantees the success of the New Republic system.

He explained that health facilities in the private sector are keen to obtain two “accreditation” certificates. ; And "initial accreditation" Issued by the Health Accreditation and Regulatory Authority (GAHAR), it confirms the success of applying the national quality standards approved by ESCWA International in spreading the culture of quality among health facilities, as it has achieved a noticeable improvement in the level of health services provided in the facility and reaching the satisfaction of beneficiaries and increasing their confidence in them.  In addition to what the establishment achieves from  An economic benefit due to reducing spending and wasting resources, stressing that the keenness of private sector establishments to obtain accreditation from Jahar contributes to enhancing investment in important health sectors such as medical tourism for providing health services with international quality levels that increase the confidence of international insurance companies and patients from different parts of the world. In the Egyptian health system

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