Healthcare announces the success of the initial accreditation of 21 health facilities in Aswan so far

The General Health Care Authority, headed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabki, Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors and General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance and Decent Life projects at the Ministry of Health and Population, announced the successful accreditation of 21 health facilities affiliated with the Health Care Authority in Aswan, the second governorate of Upper Egypt. To implement the comprehensive health insurance system.


The Health Care Authority explained that the medical facilities that have obtained initial accreditation according to the internationally recognized national standards GAHAR from the organization ESCWA International Family Medicine Units include Aswan Island, Mahmoudia, Abu Al-Rish, Al-Shallal, Kima, Al-Bayara, Sheikh Mustafa, Al-Daqadiq, Abu Simbel, Al-Awadlab, Jaafar Al-Sadiq, Al-Nuzl, Al-Sharawna, Hajer Al-Busailiya, Al-Kalah Gharb, Al-Sharafa, Al-Alaqi, and Qastal. , Al-Khazzan West”, in addition to the “Al-Sail” family medicine centers – “Kom Ombo”.


The statement indicated the total medical services that It was provided through accredited family medicine units and centers that have provided nearly 200,000 medical services to comprehensive health insurance beneficiaries from the people of Aswan so far, including first aid services, family medicine, children, women, dentistry, and other primary health care services, which represent about 80%. of the health care needs of citizens.


Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Health Care Authority, confirmed that the success of the health facilities affiliated with the Health Care Authority in Aswan in passing The initial accreditation standards are a prelude to obtaining the final accreditation degree, which confirms the quality and efficiency of facilities and the quality of work outcomes. This is a strong indicator of the authority’s commitment to providing high-quality health care services and care in accordance with international standards.


Appreciating all the efforts made by the work teams and everyone who contributed to the facilities reaching the initial accreditation standards, with the aim of improving the quality of health services, meeting the needs and aspirations of society, and enhancing access to the goals of Egypt’s vision for sustainable health development. 2030.

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