Heartwarming moment Antiques Roadshow guest wipes away tears after hearing that his heroic father's WW2 Victoria Cross medal is worth £250,000 – but insists he still wouldn't part with it 'even if it was worth £10m'

This is the heartwarming moment an Antiques Roadshow guest wiped away tears after being told a medal given to him by his father is worth £250,000. 

The guest told antiques experts in Glasgow that the Victoria Cross was given to his father, Sikh soldier Gian Singh, in 1945 for his contributions to Britain during the Second World War. 

Antiques expert Mark Smith told of the 24-year-old soldier’s brave efforts to recapture a strategic position from Japanese forces while wounded – as he said the Victoria Cross medal given to him in recognition is now worth £250,000. 

Wiping away tears, the shocked guest, however, said he would never sell his father’s medal despite it’s high value – ‘even if it was worth £10milllion’. 

The soldier’s son explained that his father never talked to his children about his experiences during the war, before the antiques expert read out a citation that offered details of his heroic deeds. 

‘Firing his Tommy Gun and hurling grenades Naik Gian Singh made two lone charges against the Japanese,’ Mr Smith said. 

‘It was essential that the enemy should be dislodged from this area and when a Punjab platoon assaulting a nearby village came under very heavy firem, Naik Gian Singh ordered his machines gunners to cover him as he rushed the enemy foxholes.’

‘Our tanks had now moved up and come under fire but Naik Gian Singh who had sustained several wounds again rushed forward and annihilated a Japanese anti-tankgun crew, capturing the weapon singlehanded. He then led the section in clearing all enemy positions.’

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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