Historian blasts men dressed as Nazi SS as 'flabby 'Allo 'Allo wannabes' who have no historical value after furious locals clash with Swastika-clad group at popular 1940s festival

An historian has blasted men dressed as Nazi SS as being ‘flabby ‘Allo ‘Allo wannabes’ who have no historical value after furious locals clashed with the Swastika-clad group at a popular 1940s festival. 

Guy Walters, a historian and author of nine books on the Second World War, said people who dress like Nazis ‘teach us nothing’ after the group of men in SS uniforms disrupted the festival in Norfolk.

‘They’re just flabby Nazi wannabes, who deserve the utmost ridicule.’

This comes after the men were confronted by crowds on Sheringham high street in Norfolk during the resort’s annual Second World War-themed festival at the weekend, which sees people dress up and watch aircraft from the time fly overhead.

The group of around ten to fifteen people subsequently had to be escorted out of the area during the ‘1940s weekend’ by police to stop trouble escalating.

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The annual event drew up to 25,000 people across both days, many of them in period dress, with photos and videos online showing dancing in the streets and family celebrations.

But the popular festivities were marred when the group in Nazi-era German uniforms assembled outside a local pub and ‘marched in unison’ through the jovial crowds.

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