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There’s an art to speaking truth to power. Finding the courage to tell someone who has authority over us that something isn’t working (or that they’re doing something wrong) takes courage. 

As Mercury (communication) moves into free-thinking Aquarius, there’s no need to rock the boat to create a change of direction. 

By subtly nudging the person at the helm, a more harmonious route forwards can be found.


March 21 – April 20

Which TV show are you binge-watching? What’s your favourite movie? Or work of art? Someone, somewhere, has completely different tastes to you. They can’t stand your choices. If they’d expressed their opinions when the work was in the early stage of its development, they might have stopped it being created. We need to be careful what we criticise. And careful too about whose opinions we listen to. Don’t let a conflict of interest or a clash of ideas deter you. What seems right to you is right for you. Trust. And keep going.

OSCAR CAINER: By subtly nudging the person at the helm, a more harmonious route forwards can be found

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April 21 – May 21

When we look back at the events of our lives, we can understand them differently. That, of course, is the benefit of hindsight. You’re beginning to see a situation in a new light. You’re reaching a new conclusion about what motivated someone to make a decision that impacted you. In an ideal world, you’d discuss this with someone else, who was involved in this experience. But can you count on them to see it from your perspective? Even if you can’t, you can rely on your own judgment. The discovery you’re making? It’s positive.

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May 22 – June 22

‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ is a jazz classic (and a sporting anthem). When you think about it, it’s a strange lyric. Marching doesn’t sound very saint-like. And since saints are quite rare, it’s hard to imagine a crowd of them getting together and going somewhere en masse. Yet we can all access saintly qualities. Right now, as your ruler changes signs, you’re in a situation where you’re being invited to go a bit further and give a bit more. Keep marching. You’ll find good company along the way. And the halo-effect will feel good!

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June 23 – July 23

Our diets might be as healthy as possible, but there are times when even the most nutritionally conscientious folk eat junk food. When we’re really hungry, there’s nothing like pizza. Or chocolate. And if we’re ravenous, even highly processed junk tastes delicious. And because it satiates our appetite, we remember that good feeling, and want to repeat it. So we get into the habit of eating food we don’t really want to eat. Yikes! Just check the sensation you want to repeat today. You can, if you choose, replace it with something new.

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July 24 – August 23

Does your inner operating system need updating? Is it time for a reboot? Do you need to clear out some memory and make space so that you can function more effectively? Humans aren’t machines. Nor (despite what the advertising tells us) does the quality of our life depend on which generation of computer/phone we possess. You’re not out of date. You’re not lacking anything you need. Have more confidence in the different aspects of yourself that make you unique. You’ve got all the necessary skills to succeed today.

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August 24 – September 23

With so many talents and skills at your fingertips, it’s a wonder you’re not taking control and running the entire show. But you’re a wise Virgo. You’re smart enough to know that great power brings its problems. You’re not aiming to attain ultimate responsibility. You’ve got enough on your shoulders without searching for more. As your ruler, Mercury, changes signs, your problem-solving abilities are going to be in high demand. As long as you can use your resources for the greater good, that’s more than good enough for you.

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September 24 – October 23

The playground was always the highlight of going to the park. Clambering up the slide. Waiting for a go on the swings. There was always a competition to get onto the seesaw. Sitting on one end, with someone of a different weight on the other made us laugh. And if both kids were the same weight, no one moved – which was fun too. I mention this because you’re feeling stuck. A heavy weight is preventing you from moving. But if you can take a more light-hearted approach, you’ll find the scales tip in your favour.

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October 24 – November 22

Some things carry on in the same old way unless we make a conscious effort to change them. Then, we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. Which is why it’s easier (and less risky) to say nothing, do nothing, and accept that nothing is going to change. ‘Nothing’ isn’t necessarily bad or wrong. It’s better than the wrong kind of ‘something’! But with Mercury, the planet of ideas, moving into quirky Aquarius you’ve got a chance to instigate the ‘right’ kind of ‘something’. You’re at your innovative best.

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As Mercury (communication) moves into free-thinking Aquarius, there's no need to rock the boat to create a change of direction

As Mercury (communication) moves into free-thinking Aquarius, there’s no need to rock the boat to create a change of direction


November 23 – December 21

What kind of challenge would you like to face? And how are you going to deal with it? No one doubts your aptitude or your courage. Your understanding of the complexities involved isn’t in question either. But the skill you need to access is one you struggle with. You need to let go. Holding on too tightly is going to cause you unnecessary stress. And it will prevent someone else from getting involved. And their perspective would be helpful. If you’re open-minded and flexible, you’ll get the support you need to get the result you want.

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December 22 – January 20

There are over eight billion people living on this spinning ball of rock, and none of them are leading ‘perfect lives’. And not one of them goes through 24 hours without making a silly mistake. With all that silliness going on, it’s no wonder the world is such a crazy place! But isn’t it also reassuring? We all strive so hard to get everything ‘right’; but no one manages it! So take the pressure off. You can’t please everyone. And perfection is impossible. But you can expect to feel appreciated for who you are. And that’s worth a lot.

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January 21 – February 19

With Mercury (ideas and communication) entering your sign, it’s time to shake things up. Although the alterations don’t necessarily have to be radical, it would be wise to prepare for change. It’s important to be able to be willing to think the unthinkable, and open-minded enough to consider taking action to implement innovative plans. Which suits your Aquarian mindset perfectly! If you’ve been feeling frustrated by the lack of progress, create a picture in your mind’s eye. Here comes the motivation to start colouring it in.

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February 20 – March 20

Are people who have the latest phones happier than those who manage with older versions? Is there any correlation between our quality of life and the quality of our devices? No! But when we’re pleased with a purchase, we feel good; we’ve all experienced the benefits of retail therapy. But if we’re seeking emotional stability, we’re better off feeling proud of ourselves (and our attitude to life) than in our possessions. You’re being offered an upgrade. To install it, you just need to be more responsive to the offers coming your way.

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