How convicted drug dealers are running businesses selling XL Bullys from behind bars – as rogue breeders share videos of 'bite work' sessions using leather sticks, steroids and treadmills to exploit their pet's aggression

Gangsters and criminals are running lucrative businesses breeding dangerous American Bully XL dogs – with one allegedly overseeing his firm from behind bars.

Drug kingpin Thomas Rayment was serving a six-year jail sentence while still seemingly running Muscletone Bullys UK, selling bulked-up Bully puppies.

But days after being locked up and sent to Thorn Cross Prison, he appeared to post on social media advertising one of his prime studs for £4,000. 

He was freed from jail on May 26 of this year, to serve the remainder of his six-year term on licence – despite harassing his ex-girlfriend and sending a man to slash her tyres from inside jail, a crime he received a 54-week suspended sentence for. 

The news follows Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s pledge to ban American Bully XL dogs from Britain’s streets, as shocking footage revealed how rogue dog owners are using savage ‘bite training’ techniques to turn their animals into lethal weapons.

Rayment’s breeding business was exposed by a BBC investigation, which claimed he was actively trying to promote his dogs from behind bars.

Since being freed from jail, MailOnline can reveal he has continued advertising his XL bullies, posting in July about one called ‘Nemesis’ and saying: ‘Open for stud – semen shipped worldwide’.

While serving a prison term, the drugs kingpin was frequently tagged in posts by other prominent figures in the American Bully network.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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