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‘I lost my talented, fun-loving friend to a cancer we’d never heard of – this is what she’d want you to know’

The childhood friends, from Wiltshire, met as 11-year-olds at The Pony Club, but through university, jobs and relationships, their friendship stood the test of time.

‘We had a sisterly bond, we worked hard and we partied hard too.’ says Katy. ‘She was my partner in crime.’

But five years ago, Miranda, a keen horse rider and sportswoman, was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, a rare, yet aggressive, form of the disease that affects the system that releases hormones into the body.

Despite gruelling treatment Katy says her friend was ‘determined to carry on with life as normal.’

In June 2022, she passed away, aged just 30. She left behind a powerful legacy, reminding those around her to live life as she did, ‘for what and who she loved’.

For Katy, adjusting to life without her best friend has been tough – they were just 11 when they met, and became close friends.

Katy, who is an officer in the Royal Engineers, says: ‘Her parents are like my second parents. Their door is always open, and we’d go on summer holidays to Cornwall.

‘Miranda was very much the glue that held our friendship group together. She wasn’t interested in being the loudest one in the group, but when she spoke, you listened. We all valued her so much.’

Katy says it was a huge shock when she first found out that her friend had cancer, when they were just 25.

Miranda had been suffering with stomach pains, and after several trips to A&E, she was eventually diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer.

Katy explains: ‘She just dropped it into conversation one day. She really played it down and said it wasn’t a big deal.’

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