I'll have a Floody Mary please! Shocking moment freak wave smashes into a beachside bar and washes seven people out to sea

This is the shocking moment a freak wave smashed into a beachside bar in South Africa and washed seven people out to sea. 

Video shows an onlooker shouting s*** as the wave crashes onto the front terrace of the Mariners bar before rapidly filling the area with several feet of water within seconds.

The force of the wave pushed some guests towards the back of the bar in Marina Beach, KwaZulu-Natal State, before the strong current pulled seven terrified patrons out to sea on Sunday.

Guests could be heard screaming ‘there’s a child in here’ as at least one person is seen being dragged out to sea. 

A witness who filmed the incident said he had tried to reach the little girl but couldn’t reach her due to the strength of the current. He said that two lifeguards managed to pluck her out of the sea after they sprinted towards her.  

The Mi7 National Group, a state security company, said of the incident: ‘The initial wave crashed into the restaurant, pushing patrons towards the back of the building.

‘When it receded, a few patrons were swept into the ocean. Luckily, they managed to get back to shore safely.’

The security company added: ‘The initial wave was followed by a rising tide, which continued to batter the restaurant.’

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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