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I’m a sperm donor with 71 biological children, but I’ll be spending Christmas alone

I’m a sperm donor with 71 biological children, but I’ll be spending Christmas alone  

The prolific sperm donor, from California, US, took a break from donating while he went travelling, but is now ‘back in action’ after a number of families reached out for his services. 

Kyle, 32, previously told that he uses artificial insemination around 90% of the time, but also donates through ‘natural insemination’, meaning sexual intercourse.

Kyle, who runs the website Get Pregnant Now, currently has nine more biolgicalchildren on the way in Australia, the US, and the UK — but he’ll be spending Christmas alone.

‘I get quite lonely around the holidays, as I have no children of my own to spend this time with,’ he said.

‘It’s probably the loneliest time of the year for me. I’ll get lots of updates and Christmas pictures from the mums of my kids, so that will be nice.

‘I’m unsure if I’ll go to visit any of them, but that is a possibility if I’m nearby and they want me there.

‘My plan is to keep travelling, though, and I’ll either be spending the big day in the UK or somewhere in Europe.’

Kyle announced his ‘retirement’ from his ‘hobby’ as a sperm donor in June this year, stating that he wanted to find love.

‘I want a relationship with someone and that’s the most important thing to me at the moment,’ he said at the time.

‘I’m going to stop donating – except for a select few – I won’t be helping so often, as I need to look at building that meaningful connection with someone who likes me, for me.

‘It’s OK for people to contact me if they’d like a relationship, but where donating is concerned, I’ll only be helping those who really want a baby.’

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