I'm an astrologer and this is how the shadow of Venus retrograde could impact your relationship – after the period caused a slew of celebrity breakups

Venus retrograde saw a slew of shocker celebrity break-ups, from Britney to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner – and now astrologers have said that it was all down to the movements of the planets in the sky.

Between the dates of 23 July and 4 September 2023, Venus was in retrograde. During that time, any attempt at initiating or improving relationships was harder than it should be.

However while Venus retrograde is now passed, she said all is not necessarily well in the stars –  explaining we are in a ‘shadow period’, which is a time that can still be a little risky for relationships.

During the shadow period we may miss a call from an ex, or have a dream that our partner is cheating.

Until October 7, 2023, things are precarious and care is recommended.

Water signs like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are very romantic so they would feel it also.

Aries and Virgo however, are more self-sufficient, so they won’t be challenged by Venus as much as their watery friends.

Here she told FEMAIL how each of the different star signs will react to the period – and how it could impact your relationship. 

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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