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In the video.. A Turk assaults a Kuwaiti tourist in the city of Trabzon

On Sunday, the Turkish authorities announced the arrest of a Turkish citizen on charges of beating a Kuwaiti tourist in the city of Trabzon, northeastern Turkey, and opened a judicial investigation into the incident, according to the official Turkish Anatolia News Agency.

The agency quoted a Trabzon state statement as saying that the city witnessed, on Saturday evening, “a verbal quarrel between two foreign tourists.” Then, “a Turkish citizen thought that the two tourists were resisting the police officers who had intervened to calm the quarrel, so he intervened and suddenly hit a tourist with Kuwaiti nationality and threw him to the ground,” according to the state.

The state said that the police arrested the suspect, and that the authorities were investigating him based on the instructions of the Public Prosecution in Trabzon.

The statement indicated that “the guest, who was in the city as a tourist, was treated in the hospital under the supervision of the state, and his life is not in danger.”

A statement by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah “conducted a telephone call with the Kuwaiti citizen who was exposed today in the Turkish city of Trabzon, in order to check on him and determine his health condition and the medical care he is receiving in the hospital.”

The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister stressed that “such hostile actions against peaceful tourists and vacationers are condemned and rejected, and that the State of Kuwait completely rejects harming its citizens or attacking them in this way.”

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