Interception of the AGM-88B Block 3 HARM anti-radar missile with the Russian Tor air defense system (video)

For the first time, the interception of the American AGM-88B Block 3 HARM advanced anti-radar missile by the Tor-M2U SAM system was deployed in the Volnovakha operational area.

An AGM-88B anti-radar missile was launched by a Ukrainian MiG-29A aircraft (it has an effective range of about 0.15 m) and was detected by the Tor radar at a distance of about 12 km, and picked up by the precision tracking radar at a distance of about 9 km It was intercepted by the advanced anti-aircraft missile 9M338K (РЗВ-МД) at a distance of about 7 kilometers.

The speed of the AGM-88B at the moment of approaching the SAM radars was approximately 1375 – 1450 km per hour. The X-band guidance radar of the Tor-M2U and the FCS of the complex provide simultaneous interception of up to 4 HARM missiles.

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