It has just gone on sale and it is already causing problems: these are the complaints of some iPhone 15 users

Since last the 22nd, it has been on sale in Spain. He mobile most desired of the moment was presented by Manzana with important technical innovations and versions for all tastes, from the most basic to the professional Pro Max and starting from the base of 959 euros and 1,469 euros.

This is why the queues to purchase the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus were the general tone on the day it went on sale in the main European cities and around the world, also in Barcelona.

But when it has been on the market for just over a week, some users begin to talk about a serious problem that affects the life of their battery. This would be an unusual overheating in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max phones. The problem of this temperature rise impacts performance and accelerates the battery consumption of the devices.

Up to 40ºC

The most affected model would be the Pro Max, the most expensive of all, which is close to 2,000 euros. There are several users who have reported on social networks that their device has reached up to 40ºC. In fact, many complain that it is impossible to touch it due to the excessive temperature.

According to denounces the American newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’this overheating usually occurs while charging, but there are also those who claim that it has happened to them when they were using it.

Apple has not yet commented on this specific overheating. But Apple’s website does give some Action tips if an iPad or iPhone device overheats excessively.

Chips or internal materials

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Some technology experts suggest that this excess heat is due to the manufacturing process of the A17 chips, supplied by TSMC.

However, Others point to the interior distribution of the iPhone 15 Pro and its design aimed at lightening its weight. What they say is that the area of ​​dissipation of the thermal energy produced by mobile phones is minimal and, in addition, Apple has used titanium, instead of stainless steel or aluminum, to lighten the weight. Titanium, unlike these other materials, is not a good conductor of heat, which reduces the effectiveness of the device in dissipating the thermal energy that is released from the processor when performing the basic tasks of an iPhone.

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