Joy Chambers-Grundy dies: Wife of Reg Grundy passes away

Australian Logie-award winning actress Joy Chambers-Grundy has died in her sleep aged 76.

Joy was wife of late multimillionaire television mogul Reg Grundy, who died in May 2016. 

‘Joy will be remembered as a Logie award winning actress, a best-selling author, a poet, a philanthropist and an exceptional business woman who worked alongside her husband to build one of the largest independent production companies in the world,’ the statement said.

Joy was born Carolyn Joy Chambers in Ipswich, Queensland, in 1947. 

She is known for her roles in several soap operas, including as Rita in The Restless Years, Dr Robyn Porter in The Young Doctors and Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours. 

Joy was also a ‘business woman, poet, philanthropist, fine-art collector and writer’, having authored seven historical fiction novels over the past two decades.

‘My life is in the entertainment business,’ her website bio reads.

‘A skilfully written book can be read on many levels but it should always entertain. . . I attempt to do that.’ 

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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