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"Kuwaiti trade" It denies that its website was hacked… and stresses the necessity of using the official website

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry denied that some of its websites had been hacked and used to defraud some citizens and residents, stressing that the news that was circulated in this regard was completely false and incorrect.

The Ministry stated – in a statement today, Monday, “that what some people were exposed to were operations called phishing, through the creation of fake websites impersonating the Ministry and claiming to provide commercial complaints, oversight, and consumer protection services, and publishing paid links to them in search engines.”

Kuwait Trade stressed the necessity of using its official website and the government application (Sahl) to communicate with it… praising the pioneering role of the Ministry of Interior and the Communications and Information Technology Authority and their joint efforts with it in confronting these fake websites and the joint coordination in reporting them and blocking them on a periodic basis.

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