Labour councils target drivers of diesel and high-emission vehicles with fresh penalties

Hard-up drivers are being hit with fresh penalties for using diesel vehicles, amid claims Labour’s ‘war on motorists’ is continuing.

Town hall bosses at a slew of mostly Labour-run councils have started introducing surcharges for those using vehicles with higher emissions.

Residents’ permits will cost hundreds of pounds a year more for those with diesel vehicles in some areas.

And in Labour-run Lambeth, motorists with any diesel car will pay a surcharge of more than £4 per hour to park on the street in Waterloo, south London, with a maximum tariff of £13.32 per hour.

A handful of councils outside of the M25 have also recently introduced emissions-based parking charges, and campaigners warned others could follow suit.

Tory MP Louie French, whose Old Bexley and Sidcup constituency was impacted by London mayor Sadiq Khan’s controversial Ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) expansion last month, said: ‘Labour’s war on motorists shows no sign of slowing.

‘First it was low-traffic neighbourhoods, then the unfair Ulez expansion to the suburbs, and now it’s the roll out of 20mph on main roads and taxing you more for parking a car they don’t approve of.

‘Targeting people who are more likely to own older cars because they are retired or on lower incomes is wrong, and it is highly questionable how a parked car can generate emissions.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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