Launching the official poster for the 25th session of the Ismailia Film Festival

The management of the Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short Films revealed the poster for the 25th session, headed by film critic Issam Zakaria, which is scheduled to be held from February 28 to March 5, 2024 in Ismailia Governorate.

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The poster was designed by the visual artist Ahmed Al-Labbad, who explained that the design of the poster was inspired by multiple features, starting with the idea of ​​“display” The cinematic atmosphere and the inspiring darkness of the movie theaters, and the magic of the lighting of the projectors, which each time launches an impressive cone of light to display the film through it in amazement, arousing curiosity and enjoyment, and the presence of seagulls, “the most famous birds of Ismailia.” Intersecting and affected by the flashes of that lighting, which mixes the night of the unique city with the darkness of the specialized halls?!


Also, the same projector with its famous light display essentially represents A symbol of penetrating ascension and the rising of clouds and veiling clouds.



The projector combines its cinematic function with its transformation into « beetroot» Munira, which is distributed on the surface of the Suez Canal, “the main landmark of the city and the dearest contemporary national symbol of Egypt”… to be calm, and a symbol of the smooth and safe movement of ships coming from countries all over the world, and to represent the diversity of its cultures.

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The festival administration is expected to announce all the details of the next session, during the coming days.

For his part, critic Issam Zakaria, head of the festival, confirmed Ismailia, that the final touches are currently being put in place for the entire program, which consists of the main well-known competitions for long and short documentaries, short narrative works, and animated films, as well as the programs and workshops held in the 25th session.


< p>It is noteworthy that the festival is held by the National Cinema Center, headed by the Director of Photography, Dr. Hussein Bakr. The Ismailia Festival is considered one of the most prestigious festivals in the Arab world and the first Arab festival to specialize in documentary and short films, as its first sessions began in 1991.

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