Learn about Dallowa’s most important works in cinema on her birthday

Today, Thursday, marks the birth anniversary of the darling of cinema, “Shadia”, who is considered one of the most important actresses in the history of Egyptian cinema.



Fatima Ahmed Kamal Shaker was born in 1931 in the New Helmeya area in the Abdeen neighborhood. Shadia appeared in about 112 films, 10 radio series, and one play, and she is considered one of the most prominent stars of Egyptian cinema and the most represented in Arab films.


The most important cinematic works of artist Shadia


 The movie The Wife 13


 My wife General Manager


 Azhar & Ashwa


 Mind on vacation


 Dove of Peace


 Heaven’s Justice


  Soul and body




People’s words

 < /p>

The Lady of Malalem


Eid Night


The Hero


An hour for your heart


A date with life


Stronger than love< /p>


The Adventures of Ismail Yassin


The Neighbor’s Girl


< p>I am love


Eve’s daughters


 Daughter’s honor

&nbsp ;

Injustice is forbidden


 Don’t think


Add me to the official



Women don’t know how to lie


A night of my life


< p>The Melody of Loyalty


Beach of Memories


 A Woman’s Youth

&nbsp ;

Farewell at dawn


The Spring of Love


Awakening Eyes




She said goodbye to your love


Notes< /p>


 You are my love


Love from fire


My darling’s mistake


The nest of love


The thief and the dogs

&nbsp ;

Ultimate joy


On the banks of the Nile


Madq Alley


Cairo at night


One Thousand and One Nights


Shadia radio series


We do not sow thorns


Doubt, my love


And I fell into the sea of ​​honey


 The tears dried up


Be patient


First year of love


All this love


The most famous songs


Egypt today is Eid.


Enter it safely.


Oh my love, oh Egypt.


Her theatrical works


Raya and Sakina

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