Magnussen accepts $1.5m bet to dope for world record

Dual world champion and Olympic silver medallist James Magnussen has welcomed the opportunity to compete in the newly created Enhanced Games after being presented a a treasure trove of more than $1.5 million.

Magnussen retired from professional swimming in 2019 but will return to the pool in an attempt to break the 50m freestyle world record — only with the benefit of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The Enhanced Games are a self-described ”doping free-for-all” where athletes are permitted to take performance-enhancing drugs in competition with no drug testing.

The competition is expected to include aquatics, track and field, gymnastics, combat sports and weightlifting events, with all athletes paid a lucrative amount to compete.

Currently, the International Olympic Committee has a zero-tolerance policy on doping, which is regulated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

President of the Enhanced Games, Melbourne-born, London-based businessman Aron D’Souza, believes the Games are the future solution to doping in sport.

Speaking on SEN 1170 Breakfast, Magnussen accepted a $1.54 million wager from D’Souza if he can break the world record in the 50-metre freestyle at the Games.

“People like James deserve to earn millions for the extraordinary feats they have accomplished and we are willing to do so,” D’Souza told SEN on Friday.

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