Married At First Sight 2024: Cheeky Editing Fails

Married At First Sight (MAFS) is officially underway, and one of the funniest reasons to watch it is not the shitty plot, but the botched reality TV editing.

As you might’ve noticed MAFS — the show where a bunch of rando’s are matched together by experts and get married — has begun its 11th season. And if you’re an avid fan of reality TV, whether it be MAFS or (my personal fave) Flavor of Love, you would know that editing plays a ‘yuge part in creating all the drama and wholesome moments on your fave shows.

MAFS is notorious for its editing. Heck, we’re only a couple episodes in and somebody *cough* Tori *cough* is already complaining about the alleged edit she received.

However, there are some oopsies that have already been pointed out by viewers that could be dubbed a good ol’ editing fail.

Here are all the editing fails from Married At First Sight 2024

Episode One: Lauren’s wine fail

(Image source: Channel Nine)

In Episode One, Lauren seemingly took a swig from a wine glass during an interview, where she was retelling a story about a wild vacation in Bali.

Yahoo! Lifestyle went on to claim that the MAFS editors saturated the bride’s drink to make it look like she was drinking white wine, when it was water. They even posted a photo of the scene with a comparison of their own edits, which you can peep right here.

An insider seemingly confirmed that Lauren was likely sipping water, telling Yahoo! that it would be “highly unlikely” Lauren got her hands on some special bevvies.

“Alcohol consumption is very closely monitored on reality TV, especially a show like this. It’d be highly unlikely they’d have someone drinking during a casual sit-down interview in the day like this, although not entirely impossible,” they said.

You’re probably thinking “hmmm, now why would they do that?” Well, Lauren has been kinda tipped off to be the ~ wild, messy gyal ~ of this season. So maybe it was an attempt to solidify her as that character, but for me, personally, it’s kinda of a reach.

Episode Two: Frankenbiting at Tori and Jack’s MAFS wedding

As noted on Ollie Skelton‘s MAFSCAPS podcast with PEDESTRIAN.TV recapper Chantelle Schmidt, there appears to be a severe case of frankenbiting and potentially even using sentences out of context during Jack Dunkley and Tori AdamsMAFS wedding.

Ollie, who was a MAFS participant on Season 10, reckons that the line “I don’t see any issues at all” was span to be in response to Tori challenging Jack’s behaviour, rather than about what she thinks of him as a person. Hmmm!

Tori says she’s “disappointed” with her edit

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 6 2024 02 05 at 12.54.43 pm Married At First Sight 2024: Cheeky Editing Fails
(Image source: Channel Nine)

As the episodes for Season 11 roll out, heaps of the cast have begun their media circuits.

Tori — who is matched with Jack on the show — was one of the more recent MAFS 2024 folk to give a cheeky interview about her experience and the current fuckery that’s been unfolding between her and her reality TV groom.

MAFS S11 WEDDINGS Tori and Jack 12 Married At First Sight 2024: Cheeky Editing Fails
(Image source: Channel Nine)

Speaking to CBR Wrapped with Rod Cuddihy and Gabi Elgood, Tori said viewers missed out on a chunk on info from the first MAFS dinner party.

To give you a TL;DR on what happened on the show: Tori and Jack became a huge hot topic at the first dinner party due to Jack’s ex-girlfriend, who claimed they were dumped and lied to so that Jack could participate in the reality TV show.

“It was really weird for me [to watch back], mostly because I actually addressed the table at the first dinner party about this situation and it was not shown unfortunately which is sad,” Tori said during her interview with CBR Wrapped.

“I was so across this person [Jack’s ex] before the article had come to a head. I had all the clarity, all the context, all the messages. I’d seen everything I needed to see before heading into the dinner party with the clarity that I did.”

When asked about her edit, Tori said she was “disappointed but not shocked” with the way she was portrayed.

“I am not surprised at all,” she said.

“We signed up for this and I can’t sit here and be like ‘oh no this is going to happen’. I’ve watched all 11 seasons so I feel like I am disappointed but not shocked.”

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Tori urged viewers to remember that MAFS is just a TV show and that sometimes context isn’t shown.

“Just remember that it’s a TV show, right?” Tori said.

“It needs to pack a punch in the in the time that it’s that it’s on. Context is everything and context isn’t entertaining so they remove it. So just remember that — zoom out and just understand that context is key.”

Episode Five: Jonathan slams storyline between Lauren and his step-sister Steph

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 5 2024 02 04 at 10.40.51 am Married At First Sight 2024: Cheeky Editing Fails
(Image source: Channel Nine)

In episode five, we see Jonathan get hitched to Lauren. One of the mini storylines of their wedding is that Jono’s step-sister, Steph, wasn’t too keen on Lauren, which was depicted through a variety of reaction shots — which we adore for our cheeky feature photos.

In an interview with The Pulse with Seany B and Emma G, Jono slammed his step-sisters subplot and that a lot of the facial expressions were edited into specific spots to make a story.

“They took facial expressions from one [scene] and put it in another,” he told the hosts.

“Lauren would say stuff and Steph would laugh her ass off, and they made it look like she was really disappointed in how crude Lauren’s humour was or something when she loves it and is probably on the same page with Lauren when it comes to that sort of humour.”

See! No one is safe from a cheeky edit!

Look, we’re only a couple episodes in so there’s bound to be more ~ editing fails ~ but for now we’ll just have to wait and see who will be coming out swinging next.

Fingers crossed my faves Cassandra and Tristan are safe from the wrath of the editors!!!

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