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Mayor speaks out after LibsofTikTok publishes video of him getting spanked by drag queen

Chaya Raichik, who goes by Libs Of TikTok Photo: Fox Nation screenshot

Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony was secretly recorded during a private Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser during which he was spanked with a paddle by a drag queen – and now the conservatives are coming for him.

The video was posted by  anti-LGBTQ+ activist Chaya Raichik, who goes by “Libs of TikTok” online. Raichik’s account has been considered a form of stochastic terrorism and has been accused of inspiring bomb threats against schools and children’s hospitals, as well as other forms of anti-LGBTQ+ violence.

Raichik has claimed that she is merely sharing information and can’t control how people respond. However, her account has echoed right-wing claims of LGBTQ+ people and allies “indoctrinating,” “grooming,” and “sexualizing” kids — rhetoric that leads to violence against queer people and their allies.

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After Raichik posted the video of the mayor to X, formerly known as Twitter, and accused him of receiving the spanking “in front of children,” Anthony replied, “Actually, there weren’t any children at this private 21+ event. But of course lying is totally on brand for you.”

Raichik accurately pointed out the event was actually advertised for anyone over 15 but was also billed as not suitable for children. Additionally, a statement from the organizer of the event and the Santa Clara Valley Democrats reportedly said no one under 18 attended.

Anthony acknowledged the situation at a recent City Council Meeting, where he said that the video’s dissemination on social media resulted in city officials being subject to “some of the most vile hate speech that I have ever seen.”

He said anyone with an issue can email him directly but should stop targeting other city staff. “If you want to talk to me about what happened over the weekend, send me an email. Send me an email. I will talk to you about it. There is no reason to involve all of the other people who were not at a public event, not at a government-sponsored event. It wasn’t even in the city of Burbank.”

He said the event included nothing but “shenanigans” and “silly stuff.”

“It was all fun and games,” he said.

The City of Burbank released a statement emphasizing that it was a private event that took place on the mayor’s own time.

“The City of Burbank recognizes the diverse range of personal activities pursued by its residents and representatives. We understand that the recent incident involving our Mayor at a non-city event has drawn attention and elicited a variety of reactions from the community.”

“We wish to emphasize that the incident was done on the Mayor’s personal time, outside of Burbank.  We acknowledge the public’s concerns and ask for understanding of the personal choices of individuals, while also reaffirming our commitment to promoting an inclusive, respectful, and professional environment in all official city matters.”

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