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Mecca is the best destination.. Saudi tourism opens a direct dialogue with investors regarding buildings for pilgrims

Mecca is the best destination.. Saudi tourism opens a direct dialogue with investors regarding buildings for pilgrims

The Chamber of Commerce in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, represented by the Hotels and Tourism Committee, in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, organized a workshop that brought together owners of pilgrims’ housing buildings with officials from the Ministry and the Pilgrims’ Housing Committee, with the aim of studying and evaluating the buildings, identifying organizational and operational gaps, and appropriate solutions to address them, identifying challenges and obstacles, and proposing solutions and initiatives that help In organizing it.

Engineer Khaled bin Mohammed Al-Amoudi, Chairman of the Hotels and Tourism Committee of the Makkah Chamber, stressed that the Kingdom has decided to be a distinguished player in the tourism sector and the rest of the vital sectors, and accordingly, all relevant parties must prepare for this pioneering role under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism, which leads… This is a promising sector.

Al-Amoudi pointed out that the Ministry of Tourism is leading many initiatives, and that this workshop comes within this approach to fill some of the expected gaps, and in order to be distinguished, we need to improve performance in all buildings, structures, and services in this sector, and it is useful that the Ministry of Tourism is currently studying the current situation to improve it. .

The Ministry of Tourism called for monitoring the demands, complaints and visions of hotel owners and operators to achieve the required balance in the study to be conducted by the Ministry of Tourism. The aim of the study is how the Kingdom has a leading role in the tourism field, and for Makkah Al-Mukarramah to be the best destination, with distinguished work between the advisory team of the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector. Through field work led by young Saudis keen to convey the facts, through field visits for the Ministry to adopt its legislation and system in accordance with these outcomes.

For his part, the Director General of Licensing at the Ministry of Tourism, Abdulaziz Al-Saidi, indicated that the Ministry has an approach in preparing the new regulations in that it is in partnership with the beneficiaries, and we were keen to reach the competent investors and beneficiaries in applying these standards, and to take their opinions with the necessary seriousness, and its current direction is to unify the authority. Supervision and licensing of the hospitality sector in general, including buildings intended for the accommodation of pilgrims. The appropriate model for regulating and licensing this type of buildings will be developed following the development of a three-month study, to enable investment and achieve sustainability in this sector, by helping owners obtain the necessary licenses.

He stressed that the goal is not to remove buildings from the market or impose fines, as much as it is to improve those buildings and the services that are provided in them, through standards that are jointly developed by the concerned owners and investors.

While the workshop addressed the interventions of a number of investors in the sector, the Secretary General of the Makkah Chamber of Commerce, Engineer Ismat Maatouq, explained that the Chamber is working hard to make Makkah the Holy City an attractive environment and a major number in the number of visitors due to the features that God has endowed it with, so that its situation is in harmony with originality, modernity, continuous development, and an ideal environment. For the growth of business and investments, as a fact whose roots are deep in history, leading to this prosperous era under its wise leadership with an unwavering momentum that infuses enormous energies into the veins of the young society as an impetus for creativity and excellence.

He said that the Ministry of Tourism’s intention to study the pilgrims’ housing sector is a commendable matter, since it takes into account the opinions of those who fall under the umbrella of this sector and its beneficiaries, which produces systems that are compatible and agreed upon by all partners, and produce a work environment that is consistent with trends towards lofty goals.

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