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Mike Pence stands with Tommy Tuberville in protest of military abortion policy

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While speaking at a summit of the anti-LGBTQ+ hate group Family Research Council, 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pence expressed solidarity with Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), who has been blocking the Senate approval of over 300 military promotions to protest the military’s pro-abortion policies, including a policy to help servicemembers stationed in states with restrictive anti-abortion policies get abortions in other states.

Tuberville’s protest has left the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps without confirmed leaders for the first time in 164 years, and Pence declared at the summit that “Tuberville is right and the Pentagon is wrong.”

He said on his first day as president, he would “direct the Department of Defense to stop using taxpayer dollars to undermine pro-life laws in states around the country.”

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He also called for a national 15-week abortion ban.

“And on the cause of life I promise you, if I have the privilege of being your president, you’ll have a champion for the unborn in the Oval Office,” he said.

Pence committed to appointing more anti-abortion judges and justice, and he celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade, saying it has been rightfully relegated to the “ash heap of history.”

In addition to attacking abortion rights, Pence also came for trans youth, committing to ending “the radical left’s assault on our kids and reject the transgender ideology that’s taken hold in our schools.” He vowed to pull funding from hospitals that provide gender-affirming care to trans youth and reaffirmed his position that athletes should play on sports teams based only on their sex assigned at birth.

He called trans acceptance a “tragedy” and “self-loathing ideology.”

Pence was speaking at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit. The group, led by evangelical leader Tony Perkins, is a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group. The watchdog organization says it “makes false claims about the LGBTQ community based on discredited research and junk science.”

“The intention is to dehumanize LGBTQ people as the organization battles against LGBTQ rights.”

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