Minister of Education: Graduates of the presidential initiative are the nucleus of bringing about the desired development in school administration

The Minister of Education, Education and Technical Education, Dr. Reda Hegazy, confirmed that the graduates of the presidential initiative “1,000 school principals” They are the nucleus of bringing about the desired development in school administration, and the responsibility placed on them is great, stressing that the Ministry supports them to perform their role in the optimal manner.


This came during the inspection of the Minister of Education And technical education, today / Thursday / the training program for public school principals “School administration according to the Japanese system” For the first batch of the presidential initiative “1000 School Principals”, which will be held on February 7 and 8, 2024, in the Education City in 6th of October, and organized by the General Administration of Educational Leadership in coordination with the Egyptian-Japanese Schools Unit, which aims to complete the plan to spread tokatsu activities and introduce the philosophy of school administration across the country. The Japanese system and how to apply it in Egyptian government schools in preparation for spreading it to all schools in the Republic.


The Minister stressed that the development of education can only be achieved through the teacher; Therefore, the Ministry is keen to select him according to advanced standards and evaluation mechanisms, and train him to prepare a distinguished teacher, noting that the curricula for the primary stage have been developed and then the preparatory stage has begun, and that the secondary stage will be developed to complement the process of developing the education system, and that the Ministry is keen to involve the new principals in the conference. The national community dialogue was scheduled to develop the high school system, as they are a major part of this dialogue.

He said that, in accordance with the changes of the times, industrial revolutions, and digital transformation, technology has become available sources of learning, stressing that education should not be a product of knowledge, and curricula become concepts. And that education becomes a product of conscience and values, and that initiatives represent an important element in confronting the challenges that stand in the way of developing the education system, pointing out that new directors will be used to train future batches.


It is worth noting that the training axes are based on the philosophy and characteristics of education according to the Japanese system, the main management of the school principal in Japanese education, the preparation of the school’s organizational structure, the formation of the school’s basic teams, and the professional development of teachers “the research session” (lesson study) and continuous follow-up and development of the school’s performance, in addition to the employees’ motivation towards applying the philosophy of the Japanese system in schools.

The training included theoretical lectures, workshops, case studies, and group discussions, and was implemented through the participation of experts The Japanese in the Egyptian-Japanese Schools Unit.

This came in the presence of Dr. Rabab Zidan, Director General of the General Administration for Educational Leadership, Dr. Malek Ahmed, Director of the Egyptian-Japanese Schools Unit, Seto Gochi, Director of the Tokatsu Department in the Egyptian-Japanese Schools Unit, members of the Tokatsu Unit team, and directors of Tokatsu activities and Japanese experts in the Egyptian-Japanese Schools Unit.  

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