Minister of Immigration: Egyptian communities around the world are the country’s soft power abroad and its permanent ambassadors

 The Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, Ambassador Soha Gendi, affirmed Egypt’s interest in its community residing in various countries of the world, which it considers to be the country’s soft power abroad and its permanent ambassadors.


He came. This was during Minister Soha Gendy’s reception of the new Egyptian Consul in Melbourne, Australia, Ambassador Haitham Mukhtar. To discuss ways of cooperation and joint coordination to serve the Egyptian community in Australia, according to a statement today, Friday, by the Ministry of Immigration.


Soha Gendy said – during the meeting – “We strive to serve the Egyptian communities in Various countries of the world, in cooperation and coordination with Egyptian embassies and consulates,” pointing to the great amount of coordination between the ministry and our embassy in Melbourne for the benefit of our citizens in Australia. The Minister praised the Egyptian community in Australia and its strong relationship with the homeland and its sense of patriotism, which is reflected in its participation in all community activities related to supporting the most needy families within the framework of presidential initiatives, some of which the Ministry of Immigration supervises the implementation of, such as “A Decent Life” And “lifeboats”, and our second, third and fourth generation children were keen to participate in trips to Egypt, noting the Ministry’s intention to organize a trip for Australians this year in cooperation with the Consulate in Sydney, which the community and the Consulate in Melbourne can join. Soha Gendy added, “The Egyptian community in Australia is an important community, so she stressed the importance of cooperation in the coming period and coordination with regard to providing all services and meeting the various requirements of the Egyptian community there.” During the meeting, the Minister was keen to inform the new Egyptian Consul in Australia of the Ministry’s efforts for the benefit of Egyptians abroad, and to provide a number of incentives and benefits specifically provided to them in cooperation with the relevant authorities, most notably the relaunch of the “Cars for Egyptians Abroad” initiative. For the third time after the ratification of the President of the Republic, so that every Egyptian abroad can benefit from the law, in addition to the initiative to settle the conscription status of Egyptians abroad, which ended last October 14, and the Ministry is working to reopen it again in cooperation with the concerned authorities, in response to the desires of many Egyptians abroad. . The Minister of Immigration noted the cooperation with the Central Bank of Egypt to provide facilities to Egyptians abroad through various savings channels by issuing dollar investment certificates with a return that is considered the highest in the world, in addition to cooperating with the Ministry of Housing and agreeing to promote its projects during foreign tours. Land and residential units were also offered with facilities. Special for Egyptians abroad, in addition to cooperation with the Ministry of Aviation through a package of discounts for travelers on “Egypt Air” company. To and from Egypt. She also talked about the certificate of “Bakra’s pension in dollars.” Which is an important demand for many Egyptians, calling for the need for everyone to follow the ministry’s pages to benefit from all these features, until the electronic application is launched during the next few period, as it will provide all Egyptians abroad to communicate easily and benefit from these incentives without effort. In the same context, she shed light on the Investment Company for Egyptians Abroad, which was one of the most important demands of Egyptians abroad and one of the recommendations of the third edition of the Egyptians Abroad Conference, where work was done to establish it in coordination between the Ministry, the relevant authorities in the country, and an elite group of Egyptian investors abroad. Who signed the company’s establishment protocol with initials, as the company was registered with the General Investment Authority. Soha Gendi reviewed the efforts of the Ministry of Immigration to connect the new generations of Egyptians abroad with their homeland, including the children of Egypt in Australia, as the Ministry is interested in organizing visitation programs for the second, third, and fourth generations of Egyptians abroad in order to maximize love, belonging, and pride in their roots, and to inform them of the important landmarks in Egypt and national development projects, and to introduce them to them. With the size of the renaissance taking place on its soil and organizing meetings with officials to talk about all the facts and respond to the false rumors being promoted against the Egyptian state abroad, the ministry is also working at the present time to organize a visit program for the people of Egypt in Australia to visit their homeland during the upcoming holidays. The Minister of Immigration stressed that she will spare no effort in achieving the ambitions and dreams of Egyptians abroad, and this is confirmed by the past period, by providing a huge number of incentives and initiatives that serve our citizens abroad. For his part, Ambassador Haitham Mukhtar, the new Egyptian Consul in Melbourne, confirmed that the lines of communication and coordination with the Ministry of Immigration will remain open at all times to serve our citizens in Australia, adding that the Egyptian community in Australia is a distinguished community in its various segments, and they all have a great standing in Australian society, and are honorable Egyptian role models. Influential in Australia. He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Immigration in various files and the top priority for Egyptians abroad, most notably the “Cars for Egyptians Abroad” initiative. Which resonated widely among Egyptians abroad, and many were able to benefit from it, in addition to the initiative to settle the conscription status, which touched upon its importance for Egyptians abroad. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister of Immigration agreed to provide the Egyptian Consul in Melbourne with all information about the features, incentives and services that the Ministry provided to Egyptians abroad, so that the community can benefit from them until the phone application is launched for Egyptians abroad to facilitate access to these services from their places of residence abroad.  

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