Mobile-Free Classrooms: Dutch Authorities Implement New Measures to Enhance Focus in Education

Hany Kamal El-Din ـ        

Dutch authorities have decided to prohibit students from using mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches during classes. The announcement was made on the Dutch government’s website.

The ban on students using internet-enabled devices in schools will come into effect from January 1, 2024. This change aims to ensure distraction-free learning environments.

According to Robert Deijkgraaf, the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science, “Despite mobile phones being fully integrated into our lives, they have no place in the classroom. Students should have the ability to concentrate and have sufficient space for effective learning. Mobile phones disrupt this, as evidenced by scientific research, with all the resulting consequences. We must protect students from this.”

However, it should be noted that students will still be able to access phones in exceptional cases, such as during digital skills lessons. Children with disabilities who require communication devices will not lose the ability to use them. However, watching TikTok videos or exchanging messages on social media with classmates will be prohibited.

Educational institutions and authorities will work on defining the specific provisions of the new law in the near future. Discussions between teachers, students, and parents are expected to take place after the summer break.

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