Muhammad Al-Nahhas… the dynamo of political communication in the Ministry of Labor

Hassan Shehata, Minister of Labor, was able to impose a state of activity and discipline on the political communication system in his ministry, after choosing one of the figures who everyone witnessed for his integrity and great efficiency in work, through Dr. Muhammad Al-Nahhas, the efficient man who everyone witnessed as a dynamo. It does not stop carrying.


The selection of Muhammad Al-Nahhas as Director of Political Communications, who was recently appointed and became responsible for following up on the requests of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, was not by chance or courtesy, but His great abilities made him the first choice for the Minister of Manpower, who chose a work team different from the team of former Minister Muhammad Saafan.


Al-Nahhas was able, within a short period, to implement the instructions of the competent Minister Hassan Shehata, as he Al-Nahhas succeeded in restoring the wheel of work and arranging everything related to the most important administration that interacts with the demands of citizens through the requests submitted by representatives.


Inside the corridors of the House of Representatives and the Senate, you will find Al-Nahhas loaded for you. He received a large number of papers, which he obtained from the representatives, and which needed days to list them, but the active man returned to his office on the same day to record this large amount of requests, in addition to what he received from the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives, to prove that he was in good faith in choosing the active minister who He was used at an important time.


A number of members of the House of Representatives praised the great efforts of the Minister of Labor in meeting the demands of citizens that they sent to the Ministry, stressing that the Minister chose his work team from the cadres People with great experience and unparalleled effort, which was evident in the performance of Dr. Muhammad Al-Nahhas, who is considered the dynamo of political communication within the Ministry of Manpower.

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