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My bridezilla friend gave me IBS and acne – then she ghosted me

My bridezilla friend gave me IBS and acne – then she ghosted me  

Like me, my laptop is already overwhelmed. There must be at least a hundred different tabs open with various places to eat, see and stay throughout Europe and my inbox is overflowing, so I’m not sure what adding a Zoom call into the mix will do.

I soon have my answer though as my laptop crashes completely.

And before I have a chance to rejoin the call, the messages start.

First, there’s an influx of links to new possible destinations, accommodations and flights, from the bridesmaid’s group chat.

Then a new message comes in from the bride, asking to add ‘just one more’ to the already 20 strong guestlist. She then requests a separate hen do for those who can’t make it abroad, plus a spa day with afternoon tea for some mum and daughter time.

‘You can sort all that, right?’ reads her final text. And suddenly I find myself feeling jealous of my laptop.

I’m exhausted, but don’t have time to rest.

I’d always wanted to be a bridesmaid, but I’d never expected it to be this overwhelming.

Clearly I’m not alone either as ‘bridesmaid burnout’ – a term which refers to bridesmaids who are emotionally, physically, and financially exhausted by the bridezilla’s demands – has been on the rise in recent months.

But before I experienced it first-hand, I’d always assumed the horror stories I’d heard – bridesmaids forking out thousands of pounds for the hen do, brides axing their wedding party for not meeting their expectations – were just that. Stories.

In fact, when I was asked to take on the role by an old school friend, I was pleasantly surprised.

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