Netflix’s New Series Supersex Has People Hot And Bothered

Netflix released the trailer to one of their upcoming series Supersex on Thursday and already, viewers are getting their panties in a twist over the raunchy scenes in the two-minute clip.

Supersex is a new offering from the streaming giant set to hit the platform on March 6. The series stars Italian actors Alessandro Borghi, Adriano Giani and Jasmine Trinca and it tells the story of Italian adult performer Rocco Siffredi — AKA The Italian Stallion — who is known for being one of the most famous pornstars in the world.

The series is a creative biopic which follows Rocco’s journey growing up as a boy from modest beginnings to how he discovered his sexuality and found his place in the pornography universe.

You can check out the steamy trailer below.

Ooft. Titilating!

And doesn’t the line, “You know how to fuck but you don’t know how to make love” pack a punch?

Anyway, the trailer has certainly ruffled some feathers — which is kind of bonkers to me if you consider the subject matter. Of course a trailer depicting the life of a pornstar is going to feature S-E-X, no?

“So many inspiring stories but Netflix decides to honour a degenerate pornstar. The world is finished,” wrote one judgemental X, formerly known as Twitter, user who sounds like they’d be no fun at parties.

“Who asked for this?” another person said.

Others flooded the retweets asking why Netflix is making new series like Supersex, but cancelled fan favourites such as Daredevil, Mindhunter and Lockwood and Co. Sadly I don’t have any answers to this question but that’s how the cookie crumbles, folks.

But others were pleased to see Siffredi’s story come to the screen.

“The man, the myth, the legend,” someone said.

We’re going to see a whole lot more of Alessandro Borghi. (Image: Getty)

Previously, Alessandro Borghi spoke out about the criticism he received when the series was first announced.

“The bigotry of this country [Italy] is annoying: porn exists, there are those who like it and those who don’t,” he said, noting that he wanted to bring “ethical respect to Rocco Siffredi.”

“There are those who don’t consider it a part of society, those who denied us locations [while filming] because it was a series about Siffredi, then in the evening they go home and watch porn.”

“But the story of porn is a narrative junction, it marks an emotional change in the character. This is perhaps the great intuition of the series.”


He also revealed that out of his 95 days on set filming the series, 50 were spent filming sex scenes which I think is a very fun stat.

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