New Independents Party: “The president’s decisions to raise wages balance wages and prices

Fatima Abdel-Wasi, Secretary of Women for the New Independents Party, explained that President Sisi’s decisions today are an urgent social package to ease the burden of living on citizens and that speed Taking this decision ensures a balance between the living situation and raising prices, and also warms the hearts of Egyptians. In this period, this brings us back    Which the Egyptians call President Sisi  He is the “human president,” and this also raises the morale of Egyptians to face the high cost of living and the economic situation that the world is going through.


As “Abdel-Wasi” explained,&nbsp The wage increase package included  Increase all pensions  By 15%    And also a solidarity pension    This is so that the percentage of increase within a year becomes  55%  This is a precedent that has never happened before  Especially in this category.


Abdel-Wasi also added that this fair package of decisions did not only include wages, but  Increasing tax exemption for all workers    In the public and private sectors, by 33%, from 45 to 60 thousand.


She also added that it is necessary  tighten  Oversight by regulatory agencies  Security and government    Punishment and criminalization of monopoly of goods  Within the markets until the desired goal of these increases is achieved  Which is to ease the burden on citizens and reduce the burden of living. Happy New Year.

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