Noel Fielding says GBBO with Matt Lucas was ‘weird’ and it’s ‘easier’ with Alison Hammond

Noel Fielding previously hosted GBBO with Matt Lucas, but now he’s part of an engaging duo with newbie Alison Hammond.

The comedian admitted it was “a bit easier” being paired with the This Morning host as she “doesn’t make jokes” and allowed him to freshen up his presenting style.

Talk to Radio schedulesNoel said: “Sandi [Toksvig] and I was a very definite double act – she was high status and I was low status.

“With Matt, it was a little weird, because we’re friends and are probably the same lower status person from our respective double acts, where he [David] Walliams and I have Julian [Barrett].

“It was harder to figure out how we worked together, but we managed to find a way,” he added.

Noel explained how he and Alison worked together seamlessly and also had a lot of fun between takes.

The Mighty Boost star continued: “Alison is hilarious, but she’s not a comedian trying to make jokes, which made it a little easier. We weren’t trying to figure out how to do it, we just did it.

“We came together like jazz musicians. It was effortless and we laughed a lot.

As well as a new co-host, this year’s Bake Off series will also feature a format change.

Episodes themed around different national dishes were scrapped, following backlash in previous years during Japan Week in 2020, German Week in 2021, and Mexican Week in 2022.

During these weeks, some viewers accused the presenters, judges and contestants of playing into stereotypes.

Season 13 ended last November with a tense face-off between Syabira, Sandro and Abdul.

Syabira Yusoff, known for her experimental approach to flavors, took the crown, with judge Paul Hollywood saying: “She can take a bit of a risk with her flavors and it worked. Some of the flavors we have never had in the tent before and [are] it’s unlikely to happen again, she’s an amazing baker.

Prue Leith added: “She’s creative and careful, she trains like anything and she’s imaginative, she just has it all.

She is a very skilled baker.

Prue teamed with original Judge Paul for five seasons, and the two are set to return for season 14.

“Mark a date in your diary,” read a tweet from the official Bake Off account. “Join Paul, Prue, Noel and Alison on Tuesday September 26 for the return of The Great British Bake Off.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – available now.

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