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Oncologists warn that there will be a lack of more specialists due to the greater survival of patients

The oncologists have warned that in the coming years more specialists will be needed in cancer for retirement of the first graduates, the biggest survival of people who have overcome the disease or who are under treatment for longer and for increase of the number of patients under 50 years old.

This is how he considered it this Tuesday Javier de Castro, scientific coordinator of the Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) 2023, who has participated in the presentation at the congress press conference, together with the one who will be the new president of this entity, César Rodríguez, starting next Thursday when she replaces the current president in office, Enriqueta Felipe, in Barcelona.

From the 19th to the 22nd of this month, Training sessions have been organized at the SEOM congress to learn about the developments in diagnosis and treatment of breast, lung, digestive, genitourinary, gynecological, melanoma and other skin, head and neck tumors, sarcomas, thyroid and lymphomas, and those considered of unknown origin and rare.

More than 1,800 medical oncologists participate in this medical meeting in Barcelona, ​​whose motto is “+advances. people. lives” and which includes as a novelty an area for patients and families open to the public tomorrow, Wednesday, and next Thursday, the 21st.

This physical area dedicated to those affected by cancer aims to offer information and training with informative talks about digital tools or the benefits of physical exercise, a stand and an exhibition of paintings.

Javier de Castro has considered that oncologists “work with “a lot of healthcare pressure in many hospitals” Spaniards, due to the increase in sick people, and has claimed to have “more time” for patients.

Enriqueta Felip recalled that this specialty is young, since it was implemented in Spain in the 80s of the last century and that generational changes are necessary due to the retirement of the first specialists and the increase in survival of those affected by some cancers.

Furthermore, we must take into account a study published in the BMJ Oncology magazine this month of September in which it is stated that the incidence of cancer in those under 50 years of age has increased by 79% in the last thirty years worldwide, reaching 1.82 million new cases in 2019.

Felip, also head of the Section of the Medical Oncology Service at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, in Barcelona, ​​has assured that “We are making progress in the fight against cancer and constantly improving patient survival. We have new alternatives and strategies, but we must continue to progress.”

For his part, César Rodríguez has indicated that, given the growing impact of cancer on society, the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology “is concerned about improve the training of future doctors of the degree of Medicine”.

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“We want to contribute to improve the quality of training, with a more integrative vision and increase the interest of students of Medicine for the practice of Oncology, convinced that by improving training and promoting interest in our specialty, we will guarantee better care for patients. cancer patient in the future”.

These specialists have pointed out the need to improve communication with society when it comes to warning of the danger posed by tobacco for health and the development of some cancers and in the prevention and benefits of physical exercise before, during and after treatment, to improve survival.

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