Only one-third of voters think Biden, 80, would finish a second term as President: Poll

More than half of Americans think that if Donald Trump, 77, won another term he would complete it – while only one-third feel that President Joe Biden, 80, could serve another four years in office.

A new CBS News/YouGov poll shows that 44 percent of registered voters think that if Biden wins a second term, he wouldn’t be able to finish it. It comes as age and mental competency become a central issue to the 2024 election.

A mere 16 percent of respondents think Biden is physically healthy enough for another four years as the Chief Executive. But 43 percent say Trump is healthy enough.

American voters are more optimistic about the President’s mental health – but not by much. The survey taken September 12-15 found that 26 percent of registered voters believe Biden is mentally and cognitively fit for office. 

Only 7 percent say both Biden and Trump are still mentally up to the job of President.

Last month, a separate poll revealed that 77 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to be elected for a second term.

Trump told former Fox News host Megyn Kelly last week that Biden isn’t ‘too old,’ but is ‘grossly incompetent.’ He later told CBS host Norah O’Donnell in another interview that he would back cognitive testing requirements to run for President.

The CBS/YouGov poll shows that Trump would beat Biden in a presidential election by just one point in a 50 percent to 49 percent outcome.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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