Parliamentarian: The president’s decisions confirm that the life of the citizen is at the forefront of the political leadership’s priorities

Al-Sunbati: The state faces unprecedented challenges and seeks to mitigate the severity of the crises with a radical solution  So that it does not happen again in the future


Al-Sonbati: Completing the National Dialogue and implementing its recommendations reveals the importance of its outcomes and confirms the seriousness of the state 


The Egyptian state is making a double effort to confront complex regional crises and internal economic challenges


Representative Amr El-Sunbaty, member of the House of Representatives, confirmed that On behalf of the Mostaqbal Watan Party, and the representative of the Heliopolis and Nasr City constituencies, President Sisi’s decisions to ease the living burdens on citizens with the largest urgent social package for social protection confirm that the life of the citizen is at the top of the priorities of the political leadership. Al-Sunbati said, “There is no doubt that the global wave of inflation resulting from international crises is placing great burdens on the state, whether because of import bills or because of increased support allocations, which places huge financial burdens on the general budget,” noting that the new social protection package worth 180 billion pounds, It will be implemented as of the first of next month, March 2024, and the wages of state workers and economic bodies will be increased.

Al-Sunbati said, “There is no doubt that the Egyptian state faces unprecedented challenges due to geopolitical changes.” “And the repercussions of the Gaza war and the turbulent regional situation, which negatively affected the economic conditions. The state is seeking to mitigate the severity of the crisis and is also seeking to develop a radical solution so that it does not happen again in the future.” Al-Sunbati stressed that completing the national dialogue and seriously implementing its executive and legislative recommendations reveals the importance of its outcomes, and confirms that the Egyptian state is serious about activating the file of societal and political participation in determining national action priorities. He praised President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s continued keenness to implement the outcomes of the National Dialogue, which was followed by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, calling on the ministers to work on activating the outcomes of the first phase of the National Dialogue, and for each minister to implement the recommendations of his ministry, whether related to preparing draft laws, Or executive decisions that have been agreed upon. In another context, Al-Sunbati thanked the Egyptian state, political leadership, and institutions for the efforts aimed at resolving the Gaza crisis and other complex crises regionally, explaining that the state is undertaking all these efforts in parallel with the movements aimed at confronting internal economic challenges.

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