Pharmacist reveals 3 things to buy from CVS if you’ve got flu, and it’s not Sudafed or Tylenol

The winter sickness bugs are still doing the rounds. 

According to the latest CDC data, flu cases are rising 16 percent week-on-week, with around 12,000 admitted to the hospital with the virus since the start of the month.

But if you get struck down by it, what are you supposed to take to make it better?

Over the past year health chiefs and experts have warned that one of America’s most-bought cold and flu remedies is effectively useless.

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that the decongestant ingredient phenylephrine – found in Sudafed – is ‘not effective’ compared to a placebo.

CVS and Walgreens then pulled the products from many of their stores. 


But now, a Rhode Island-based pharmacist and social media star has taken to TikTok to tell followers the products they should be buying instead.

You only need three, and at least one of his selections may surprise you. 

First, Dr Ethan Melillo, who has 320,000 TikTok followers, says you should pick up Naproxen which is ‘better than ibuprofen’ for treating body aches and/or a sore throat. 

‘You only need to take these every eight to 12 hours. And I prefer the liquid capsules just because they dissolve a little quicker,’ he added.

For congestion, he suggested buying CVS’ store brand of nasal decongestant. ‘I get the four to six hour box because I don’t like it to keep me up at night.

‘Trust me you take two of these in the morning… you don’t even need a coffee.’

The next product Dr Melillo recommends ‘can be a bit controversial’. Vicks VapoRub is a remedy he ‘swears by’, putting it underneath the nose before going to bed.

 ‘I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid and it really helps me go to sleep,’ he says.

For those who may suffer dry and sore skin underneath the nose, he advises applying Cerave Healing Ointment to the area in the morning or at night before bed. 

‘It works’, he says. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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