Philips presents more powerful TVs thanks to the seventh generation P5 processor

The company Philips has put new TVs in our market with the idea that, regardless of the content – be it movies, sports or games – TP Vision will offer good performance. In this scenario, the new Premium OLED, ‘The Xtra’ series and Ambilight LCD TVs They are designed to bring out the best in a visual experience. All new models incorporate the new seventh generation P5 processor.

He OLED+908 modelavailable this fall in 55″, 65″ and 77″ sizes, features an advanced META OLED panel, the P5 AI processor, Bowers & Wilkins speakers, and a three-sided Next Gen Ambilight system, which combine for enhanced visual experience.

The panel uses a Micro Lens Array layer and a META brightness boosting algorithm for a potential peak light output of 2100 Nits, which is a 70% increase, while providing a wide viewing angle and improved brightness. energy efficiency.

The processor integrates an enhanced version V2 of Ambient Intelligence that allows real-time adjustment of display brightness, gamut and color response, for performance tailored to ambient lighting conditions. It uses an XYZ light sensor that measures the color temperature of the light in the viewing room, so that the white point of the screen image exactly matches the real-time hue of the ambient lighting.

The resolution has also been improved, now offering sharper edges and greater precision in details.

It features an 80W Bowers & Wilkins 3.1 sound system, with six front-mounted drivers that project

directly at the listener in left, center, right (LCR) layout, providing wide sound with clear dialogue and a large rear-mounted subwoofer, supported by four passive radiators, providing deep bass.

The TV features a minimalist design with an extra-thin metal bezel in a dark tone that matches the Kvadrat Audiomix speaker grille, as well as a new metal support for the frame finished in glossy black. It also debuts a new remote control with a rechargeable battery -via USB-C-, a new “123” quick access key to turn the backlight on and off, and a motion sensor that detects when the remote has been lifted and activates the backlight.

The OLED+908 features the new Google TV OS operating system, with an intuitive interface and home screen, focusing on personalized content and tailored recommendations.

OLED808, the most admired range

The series adds a new screen size to the Ambilight TV range with the first 42″ model, joining the existing 48″, 55″, 65″ and 77″ screen sizes.

It has the P5 AI processor with Ambient Intelligence V2 and Super Resolution functions. It integrates high-performance 1000 Nits OLED_EX panels, for screen sizes of 55″ and larger, with outstanding image quality.

Like the entire series, it offers performance suitable for gaming, now adding support for Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz at HDMI 2.1 e-Arc, VRR support for 4K from 40 Hz to 120 Hz, at full bandwidth 48 Gbps

(444, 12-bit), FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC support, plus Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes.

It is equipped with an integrated 70 W 2.1 sound system – 50 W for the 42″ model – with a more precise digital crossover – that controls the distribution to the left and right speakers, and the triple-ring bass driver rear facing, supported by four passive radiators.

Aesthetically it is very thin, without bezels, with a dark metal outer frame that allows connection with the Next Gen Ambilight three-sided system, for an immersive viewing experience. Most models of the OLED808 feature a sleek new satin metal central EVO swivel mount, with the exception of the 77″ model, which features flat metal and satin chrome sliding mounts.

The Xtra makes MiniLED more accessible

The first model of the new The Xtra series is the MiniLED 9308 television, which comes in 55″ and 65″. Although OLED remains the benchmark in the Ambilight TV range, the 9308 offers balanced picture and sound performance with the seventh generation P5 processor and the inclusion of a 120 Hz 98% DCI WCG panel, which produces a light output of 1,000 Nits. Its 64W 2.1 front sound system from Bowers & Wilkins stands out. Surround vision is achieved through the three-sided version of the Ambilight Vision System.

The premium lines are reflected in the model’s European design, with an extra-thin metal bezel frame in a dark anthracite gray finish and a thin glossy black strip at the bottom of the screen to match the frame support. The design is completed with Kavdrat audiomix fabric for the speaker grille.

A second series The

The One, new arrivals

The “The One Performance Series” range of televisions continues to be an important part of the Philips Ambilight family that has been updated with two new models: the 8808 and the 8508, both with the P5 processor. This series with notable technological contribution,

It is located in the middle price range.

The 8808 series offers 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″ screen sizes, while the 8508 comes in 43″, 50″, 55′ and 65″ versions.

WCG panels are present in both models with 120 Hz for the 8808 and 60 Hz for the 8508. The 60 Hz 8508 panel incorporates DLG and HRS technology to offer 120 Hz 4K content with motion smoothness and clarity.

Both series feature three-sided versions of Ambilight and the new Google TV OS, plus an intuitive user interface.

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The 43″ and 65″ 8808 models feature a minimalist anthracite gray bezel with a brushed effect on the bottom edge of the screen, in addition to the rotating EVO stand, which is also anthracite gray. The 75″ and 85″ versions of the 8808 have round metal supports in anthracite gray.

The 8508 series features a narrow anthracite gray bezel with a brushed effect on the bottom edge of the display and a height-adjustable metal stand using sliding brackets.

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