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Prisoner Club: 3,484 administrative detainees, including 40 children and 11 women, until the end of January

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said on Wednesday that the number of administrative detainees in Israeli occupation prisons reached 3,484 detainees as of the end of last January, including at least 40 children and 11 women.

The club pointed out – in a press statement today – to the significant increase in the number of administrative detainees, explaining that this number was not actually recorded even during the first years of the Intifada that broke out in 1987.

The club said that the crime of administrative detention is the most prominent change in the level of detention operations in the West Bank, indicating that since the beginning of the comprehensive Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank on the seventh of last October, the occupation authorities have issued more than 3,400 administrative detention orders (between new orders and renewals). The month of November recorded the highest rate of issuance of administrative detention orders, amounting to 1,120 arrest orders.

He added that the number of administrative detainees as of the end of January amounted to 3,484 detainees, and the majority of those against whom the occupation issued administrative detention orders were those who were arrested after October 7, through which the occupation targeted all groups, including children, women, activists, journalists, and MPs, noting that a number Detainees reached approximately 1,320 detainees before October 7.

He explained that the number of children in administrative detention reached at least 40 children, the number of female administrative detainees reached 11, and the number of journalists who were transferred to administrative detention reached 21 journalists, including a female journalist.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said that the Israeli occupation authorities use the policy of arbitrary administrative detention as a policy of oppression and control against the Palestinians, as the occupation resorts to arresting Palestinians under the name of administrative detention, under the pretext of what it calls the “secret file.”

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