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Putting up your tree before Christmas Day ruins the festive season

Putting up your tree before Christmas Day ruins the festive season  

Call me a grinch, but it just doesn’t seem right.

As a child of the 80s, the build-up to the festive season looked worlds away from what it is today.

My sister and I used to go to bed on Christmas Eve with not a hint of Christmas in the house.

Come the following morning though, our house had been turned into a regular winter wonderland.

There would be a tree twinkling with fairy lights in the corner of the living room, foil coloured decorations draped from the ceiling, and bowls of Quality Streets and nuts dotted around the sideboards.

Not to mention the smell of roasting turkey wafting through the house. 

Yes, it must have been a near impossible mission for ‘Santa and his Elves’ to get all that done after my sister and I had gone to sleep. But the sense of true magic to come downstairs to that on Christmas morning will never leave me.

Over the years though things have changed and the Christmas festivities seem to start earlier each year. And 2023 seems to be no exception.

Whether it’s down to the soggy Summer, Autumn and Winter we’ve had, or a post-Covid legacy of people wanting to make up for lost festivities of Christmases of recent years, I’m not sure I’ve ever known the yuletide season to start so early. 

In the space of just about a month we’ve had temperatures over 30 degrees and now we are full-steam ahead into Ho-Ho-hell.

But this year I’m taking a stand against this early Christmas madness, this consumerism gone crazy. 

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