Raiders’ Chandler Jones blames HACKER for his rant accusing team owner Mark Davis of protecting the identity of man who allegedly molested his goddaughter: ‘Please forgive me’

Raiders defensive end Chander Jones has claimed a hacker was responsible for the disturbing allegations made against team owner Mark Davis on his social media accounts.

Jones, who was made inactive for Sunday’s loss to the Bills, accused Davis of ‘holding a huge secret,’ and said he’s been barred from the team’s facilities since allegedly finding out his goddaughter was being ‘molested.’

But on Monday afternoon, the 33-year-old insisted he was not responsbile for the social media rant. ‘Sorry for the mix up, I was hacked… please forgive me,’ he wrote. ‘We got a hold of my account, my apologies again.’

Ahead of the Raiders’ 38-10 loss against the Bills, Jones claimed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he was the only person who knew Davis’ ‘secret’.

‘I wish I could play with my brothers, but marky mark is holding a huge secret that only I know!’ he said.

Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones made the disturbing allegations on Sunday

‘That’s why I was asking for my protection sorry if I sound scared because I’m not lol, when I found out I was lol.

Jones continued his claims, writing: ‘(Davis) didn’t know I didn’t have any kids and I was fostering a very important man’s kid, I won’t say his name. But once I found out what was done to this little girl I wasn’t allowed back in the building.

‘Now you taking money out of my pocket, here I am watching my team lose because. someone was molesting my God daughter,’ he wrote.

‘You can call me whatever you want, CTE, a dumb football player, dumb black man.. whatever y’all want, keyboard warriors. Meanwhile our children are getting molested.

‘That’s why I couldn’t get a sack today. Because ppl (people) wanted to (rape) my step daughter and not expect me to get upset.’

Mail Sport reached out to the Raiders for comment.

The 33-year-old also said ‘me and this man had an agreement,’ and claimed a ‘high class guy’ was blocking him from contacting family. 

It comes after another social media rant on September 5, in which Jones claimed he didn’t want to play for the team if head coach Josh McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler were in place.

In that same outburst, Jones also claimed that he was not allowed in the Raiders’ facility. ‘They won’t let me in the building tho, tryna provoke a n****,’ he wrote on his Instagram story.

‘And they had direct contact to my (baby momma) and we ain’t been together for five years.’

Jones also shared texts that appeared to be sent to McDaniels and another member of the Raiders organization in which he complained about being shunned from the team.

‘It’s a shame that I am a top athlete with 112 sacks in the NFL and I have to go to a local gym to workout during the season for no apparent reason,’ he said in one purported message. ‘This is wild to me Josh and you know it you need to do what’s right.’ 

Jones signed a three-year, $51million deal with the team last year and will bring home $17million this year.

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