Rare Discovery: Scientists Uncover Ancient Marine Creatures Fossils

Mai Kamal El Din ـ        

A group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Cincinnati have unearthed the fossil of an ancient marine creature called Homalozoa, also known as Carpoids, from the Soluita order.

Carpoids are unusual and rare fossils with asymmetrical, plate-covered bodies. They were arranged in a mosaic-like pattern or overlapped like tiles.

The remains were found in Devonian rocks within the Penn-Dixie Nature Preserve in the United States. The estimated age of the discovery is around 382 million years. Scientists have determined that this invertebrate organism inhabited the ocean long before the appearance of dinosaurs.

“After 50 years of working with Paleozoic fossils in the northeastern United States, I have examined over a thousand different specimens and have never seen even a hint of such creatures. It is the most unusual phenomenon from this period that has ever been discovered,” said paleontologist and professor at the University of Cincinnati, Carlton Brett.

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