Reda Hegazy: The old image of the teacher has changed and his role is no longer just a dissemination of information

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, inspected today the mental and physical training program for new teachers who succeeded in the “30,000 Teachers Competition…the Second Year” at the new 6th of October Primary School in the 6th of October.

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During his meeting with the trainees, Dr. Reda Hegazy stressed that education represents a national security issue, which makes it a top priority for the Egyptian state, noting that developing the educational system receives great attention from the political leadership, Adding that the state spares no effort to provide all forms of support to the educational system, in an effort to develop it with all its components and enhance the quality of its services.


Dr. Reda Hegazy said that it is the Ministry’s belief in the importance of The role of the teacher and the necessity of his professional development in line with the comprehensive development strategy of the educational system. The Ministry’s vision for the future is based on selecting teachers who have professional skills, renewed knowledge, and sound professional values ​​and behaviors, and who have the ability to continuously develop their skills so that they can keep pace with modern teaching methods associated with digital transformation. And technological breakthroughs, as well as building the child’s personality and developing his abilities in all cognitive and skill aspects, preparing him for the future, positive education, paying attention to personal aspects, and preparing him for life.

30,000 Teachers Competition


Dr. Reda Hegazy indicated that the announcement of the competition for 30,000 teachers took place at the level of each directorate, provided that the applicants are from the governorate according to its needs, and their appointment goes through several stages to ensure that they possess the necessary skills to succeed in their assigned role, whether educational or technological. Or cultural, in a way that ensures the achievement of integrity, transparency, and justice in selection, starting with the applicant passing the organization and management tests in five components, which are specialization, educational, ICT, general culture, and language, and passing through the educational rehabilitation course and the mental and physical training package with the aim of qualifying them for the stage of passing the final training held by a concerned party. In preparation for their appointment in various governorates of the Republic, which has a direct impact on improving the educational level of students and the state’s educational system.


The Minister also thanked the trainers and their efforts without bearing any cost. Financially and their volunteering in the training, expressing his pride and pride in the efforts of the training directors in the educational directorates and various training departments at the republic level, as well as the trainers who carried out the training efficiently.

The Minister stressed the importance of the trainee completing the training program and passing the complementary training held by the concerned authority. At a later date for his training.


The Minister held a dialogue with the trainees about the training materials they are receiving, and also discussed with them how they benefited from the training and its importance, as the trainees praised the training materials and benefited from Various training topics, whether educational, mental or physical, on how to work on planning for the future, developing work in school, focusing on various educational activities, focusing on the learner, student interaction, self-reliance, and continuous learning, in addition to linking the educational process to the educational reality, and linking Technology in education, in order to qualify for the labor market.


The Minister also stressed that the old image of the teacher has changed, as the role of the teacher is no longer a imparter of information, but rather he must possess the skills and keep pace with knowledge-producing education, Wishing all the trainees success and their successful completion of the training. 


In this context, the Minister stressed that learning no longer depends on memorization and memorization, noting that the introduction of technology came to make learning sources available, To help in the production of knowledge, and in this context, the curricula have become focused on major concepts, through which the student connects the educational materials to each other, forming a knowledge structure and producing knowledge, which in turn leads to innovation and creativity among students, hence the slogan of the Ministry of Education’s strategic plan, " Education for life…Education for the future." On national projects, perseverance and taking responsibility, and not being led by rumors, and investigating documented information from its official sources in the ministry. The steps taken by the Ministry to fully complete the training of new teachers.

During the visit, the Minister inspected the physical fitness training within the mental and physical training program for new teachers.

It is worth noting that the training package for the qualification program The mental and physical health of successful new teachers in the “30,000 Teachers Competition…the Second Year” It takes place over three days, and during the first day, the training topics dealt with developing the values ​​of loyalty and national belonging and introducing national projects. The second day included mental and physical preparation and raising the physical efficiency of teachers. The third day included training on communication skills, effective communication, self-development, and presentation skills. Simulation and passing personal interviews.


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