"Rogina" Intensify imaging "Divine secret" To be shown in Ramadan 2024

Actress Rogina is intensifying filming sessions for her scenes in the series “Divine Secret,” which consists of 15 episodes, which will be shown in the next Ramadan race.


< p>The events of the series “The Secret of My God” take place within a framework of excitement and suspense, where she plays the role of a woman in a popular neighborhood, and is exposed to a difficult situation and a crisis that causes her to go to prison and go through challenges.

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The list includes, in addition to Rogina, Ahmed Magdy, Rana Rais, Mai Selim, Muhammad Tharwat, Noha Abdeen, Mahmoud Al-Hadini, Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Badir, Mimi Gamal, Ahmed Salama, and Mohsen. Mansour, Mai Selim, Rasha Mahdi, Murad Makram, Mahmoud Hegazy, Maryam Ashraf Zaki, Youssef Al-Asadi.


The series “The Secret of My God” is ;, the third collaboration that brings together Rogina and director Raouf Abdel Aziz.

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