Russian villagers on alert after tiger footprints spotted near homes (VIDEO)

A resident of a remote Russian village neighbors to be on guard after filming what appears to be footprints of an Amur tiger crossing a street. The endangered animals are a significant threat in the Far Eastern Khabarovsk region, where the video was taken.

The warning was circulated on Monday by local online news outlets. The footage shows a snowy rural landscape, as the woman puts her hand next to the footprints to show their size in comparison.

“That one is not small,” she and another woman can be heard commenting. “Be careful, because he clearly went here not so long ago.”

The tiger alert came from Sita, a village of just over 1,200 residents located in the sparsely-populated Lazo district in the southern part of the region. The district shares a border with China and is a natural habitat for the majestic predator. For residents of the area, big cats are a routine hazard.

Just last week, the local media reported on a tiger pestering Mukhen, a slightly larger village with almost 3,000 inhabitants located some 50 km to the east of Sita. The cat – or maybe two of them, as some locals believe – has reportedly snatched several guard dogs since first reaching the community sometime in October.

Officials from the local hunting control service, who have the authority and skills to deal with government-protected Amur tigers, confirmed finding footprints in the vicinity, but could not find the animal, a Khabarovsk media outlet reported last Wednesday.

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