Sadiq Khan says Londoners were 'educated about air pollution' as he lectures New York climate change conference on ULEZ (after he and his team rack up 41,412 air miles jetting to US)

Sadiq Khan has said Londoners had to be ‘educated’ into supporting policies to tackle air pollution like ULEZ. 

The Mayor is in New York for the UN Climate Ambition Summit – a decision that has attracted criticism due to the 41,412 air miles he and his team will rack up. 

‘In London, we spent some time educating people about the consequences of air pollution that are linked to climate change,’ he said.

‘Once they were aware it wasn’t just an environmental but also a health crisis, we had permission to bring in bold policies.’

Mr Khan said it was important ‘to take people with you’ on climate policy – a claim that will irritate the thousands of London motorists who are bitterly opposed to ULEZ. 

He decided to fly to New York despite repeatedly saying he wants to clean up the air, and analysis shows his latest trip has sent the number of air miles clocked up by him and his team to 430,000. 
Susan Hall told the BBC: ‘While Sadiq Khan enjoys the perks, swanning off to America to lecture everyone about his Ulez (Ultra Low Emission Zone) tax, Londoners are paying the price.

‘The poorest have been hit hardest by his disastrous Ulez expansion, facing debts or a £12.50 daily charge.’

Mr Khan, who is in New York as part of his role as the chair of C40 – a network of mayors from 100 global cities – suggested politicians needed to be ‘better storytellers’. 

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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